Gay hiking

James Scully’s gay revival started with Brad Pitt’s ‘cats’ and butt

When a stranger calls

Before I started watching real-life stories about queer characters, I loved a self-contained female narrative. In Texas, what I learned in school was, “You talk like a girl, you act like a girl, you look like a girl.” So when I was watching movies, I particularly liked a When a stranger calls moment – any of those horror movies where it was a woman facing an adversary. I was like, “Women are badass; why would I mind being compared to them?”

It wasn’t a weird wake up call for me, but someone who definitely conditioned me as a person was Lisbeth Salander in The girl with the dragon tattoo. I was like, “I want to be like this. She’s got a good beat.” Both [movie versions] are good, but Noomi Rapace’s version, she just wasn’t taking shit from any of the other people in this movie. And I was just like, “Hell yeah.”

The Sense and sensitivity score

My parents are, God bless their hearts, pretentious. We weren’t making the Top 40 in my house growing up. I missed a lot of the iconic pop music from all over the 90s and early 2000s. It was a lot to listen to the soundtrack of Sense and sensitivity [composed by Patrick Doyle], staring out the window and feeling my ambiently weird pastoral mood set in. Or just sitting in my mom’s van, staring out the window, pretending I was in the back of a car being taken to meet a man I might have to marry whether I wanted to or not. And lots of listening to Judy Garland. Even though I was an 8 year old boy at the time, yes my heart was also broken by the man who got away, even though I didn’t understand the meaning of those words until much later in my life. Lots of torch songs, lots of pretending I understood what heartbroken love ballads meant.