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Jamus Lim prepares for the trip to Jeju Island by hiking Southern Ridges; WP invites hikers for a 5-day hike with Jamus

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Prior to their hike in South Korea, Sengkang RCMP Deputy Jamus Lim met a group of locals to walk along the Southern Ridge Road.

“It was the first time I had experienced the trail. But having spent my childhood in the Telok Blangah area, and now working in the Kent Ridge area, the start and end points of the trek were metaphorical bookends for my own trip to Singapore, said posted Jamus on his Facebook page.

The Workers’ Party is holding an exclusive ride on Jeju Island from October 19 to 23 with Jamus. Highlights of the trip include visits to Geumak Oreum, Saryeoni Forest Trail, Mangjanggul Cave and Camellia Hill.

Keen to build momentum before leaving for Korea, Jamus said there would soon be another session, this time at a different location.

“We’ll have another prep hike in the coming weeks, this time starting at McRitchie and ending at Bukit Timah, which I’m looking forward to as well, as it’s been ages since I’ve had the chance to hike for the last time in the central catchment area,” Jamus explained.

“We are considering the possibility of rolling out Singapore-based hikes for residents of Sengkang RCMP in the future, so let us know if there is any interest! »

Although this trip is generating interest, one netizen has asked about the possibility of a cheaper alternative for future treks abroad with the WP.

“Hi Jamus, For the next outing, can we consider a less exhausting and closer place, for example Broga Hill in M’sia? And maybe organize it when the ETS electric train is fully connected to JB City Sq? I’m sure many would love to join if so,” Jennifer Su-mien Lim commented.

I’m only suggesting the next destination, because it’s close and cheaper, so even more people can join. With a wider variety of outings and events, WP reps can mingle with a wider range of residents. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to bring them up.

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