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Meet the 3 Out Gay New England Patriots cheerleaders in the playoffs

It’s Wildcard weekend in the NFL, with plenty of gridiron action taking place on the field through Monday. And there will also be plenty of LGBTQ+ representation on the sidelines when the New England Patriots take on the Buffalo Bills on Saturday night.

This will be a historic game for the Patriots as the team starts a rookie quarterback in a playoff game for the first time in team history, but Mac Jones won’t be the only person to make history. of what has already been a season of firsts for the League.

The NFL officially came out as gay this year shortly after Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib came out via an Instagram post during Pride month. Nassib made history as the league’s first active gay player and is set to become the first player to step onto the court in an NFL playoff game when his Las Vegas Raiders take on the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday. . In the evening game, the New England Patriots cheerleading team is looking to field the greatest LGBTQ+ team ever for their game. In fact, the Pats have three gay cheerleaders on their team!

Want to meet this fiery trio? Then keep scrolling as we’ve picked out some of our favorite photos below.

Photos by @stevensonntag, @drissj.dallahi, & @parkerrwest