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Oprah Underwent Double Knee Surgery and Returned to Hiking – VIBE.com

Oprah Winfrey isn’t taking her health for granted after undergoing major medical procedures last year. As part of her The class The life you want for Oprah Dailythe 68-year-old entertainment mogul revealed she underwent double knee surgery in August and November 2021.

“When I first came home, I literally couldn’t lift my leg,” she explained. “I couldn’t lift my heel off the bed, and I swore to myself if I could ever get up, walk and move again – that I would enjoy the movement, the exercise and being able to be fully in my body.”

In turn, Winfrey took on a new active habit after her recovery.

“During my rehabilitation, I started hiking, she explained. “Every day I tried to walk more and do more. My appreciation for every organ and every limb grew exponentially. So mentioning this to you really made me realize that.

In September, his love of hiking was on full display in a viral TikTok video by Joseph Zambrano, director of social media at Oprah Daily.

“What’s the term for being catfishing, but on an event?” Zambrano joked at the start of the video. “You know, I think people should be honest when they say, ‘Let’s go for a hike.’ [Winfrey] said it was five to seven minutes. That’s five to seven miles.

As he pans the camera, CBS Matinees host Gayle King is seen drenched in sweat. When Winfrey pops up, she reveals the hike took almost an hour, but she didn’t lie about the seven minutes of constant incline.