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Protection of origin, rising cost of raw materials Halloumi price

NICOSIA – Valuable Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for halloumi from Cyprus means other countries cannot claim it makes the product, but requirements for how it is made and cost of materials raw materials will lead to price increases.

Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said gaining EU trademark protection means cheese factories and supermarkets must comply with manufacturing specifications.

He told the Cyprus News Agency that most cheese factories have been certified by the international organization Bureau Veritas and have already started producing halloumi PDO.

He said it added value both in terms of price and reputation. “My assessment is that we will see an increase in sales of the product, but we may also see an increase in the price of the product, he said.

He said a price hike was overdue and halloumi makers were bearing raw material costs without being able to pass them on, adding, “Halloumi keeping the same price is not something that would have been normal.”

The Minister also estimated that on the basis of the increase granted to sheep and goat farmers (30-35 cents), the final increase in the price of halloumi per kilo will be less than 1 euro (99 cents) for consumers, some 20 cents for a 200 gram pack.

He said there had been strong interest in the new farms with increasing applications being submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, some for sheep and goat farms and five applications for halloumi making were from the Turkish Cypriot side. occupied which are being assessed.

Pancyprian Supermarket Association president Andreas Hadjadamou told CNA that supermarkets will now only accept PDO halloumi and an informal transition period of 10-15 days has been given to sell old stock. .