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Backpacker Radio #165 | Pattie Gonia: All things drag queen, hiking in high heels and promoting inclusive outdoor activities

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we’re joined by Wyn Wiley, better known online as Pattie Gonia. Pattie is a “professional homosexual”, an environmentalist and a drag queen. This conversation is fun and informative. We learn in-depth about all the fun nuances of the world of drag, including what goes into a good tuck (which holds the title of the GOAT of tucking), the best drag songs, and the essential components of a good drag performance. . Pattie shares all the good work she does with various outdoor organizations to improve outdoor representation. And of course, we get a glimpse of what’s going to be ultra-athletic in high-heeled boots.

We close out the show with a triple crown of tough places to meet an ex, a Q&A segment, and cover whether hiking through the PCT can give you some dump truck ass.


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Interview with Wyn Wiley aka Pattie Gonia

Timestamps and Questions

00:04:56- DAILY: What is the easiest meal of the day to eat healthy?

00:10:39 – Recall: Apply to become a 2023 Trek Blogger

00:11:34 – Introducing Wyn!

00:13:05 – Who is Wyn Wiley?

00:15:26 – How did you become Pattie Gonia?

00:17:40 – Have you always been openly queer?

00:19:23 – Who put limits on you when you were a kid?

00:22:10 – How do you run in high heels?

00:24:20 – What were you thinking when you posted some of your first viral videos?

00:27:22 – Were some people ok with you being gay, but not ok with you wearing heels?

00:29:26 – Can you explain the different pronouns of Wyn and Pattie?

00:31:40 – What’s the right protocol for when to ask someone for their preferred pronouns?

00:33:36 – Discussion of being Pattie vs. Wyn

00:35:10 – What is the most difficult physical effort you have done with heels?

00:36:14 – Discussion of fallback

00:41:45 – Tell us about your hiking clothes.

00:42:48 – Do you have any tips for hiking in heels?

00:44:42 – Do you have any good-to-eat shitty stories of hiking in heels?

00:45:41 – Tell us about your recent event with The North Face.

00:48:29 – How can companies be better allies?

00:50:34 – How can businesses enter the advocacy space?

00:52:31 – Do you want to yell at a specific person?

00:54:09 – Have you had any experiences where brands approached you the wrong way?

00:55:48 – What were the biggest lessons you learned?

00:57:18 – What do you recommend for people interested in joining outdoor queer communities?

00:59:07 – What makes a 10/10 drag performance?

01:03:42 – If you get stuck on drag island, what 3 songs do you bring for your performance?

01:05:25 – If you were to make a drag starter pack, what would be in it?

01:06:28 – What’s your favorite hiking snack?

01:11:18 – Do you feel that the hiking community is more accepting of the queer community?

01:15:35 – How do you think you can bring more straight white men together?

01:17:01 – Do you see a backlash for taking care of hair and makeup outdoors?

01:20:10 – Tell us about your makeup process.

01:22:09 – If you could only choose 3 makeup looks, which one would you choose?

01:22:50 – Tell us about the work you’ve done on the plastic crisis in Hawaii.

01:27:50 – Tell us about your organization, Outdoorist Oath.

01:28:56 – What are the first projects your organization is starting out with?

01:30:32 – Can you tell us about the NOLS call?

01:37:29 – What should companies prioritize to do better by communities?

01:40:03 – Where can people go to follow you?


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Triple crown of hard places to bump into an ex

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