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While some people feel called to walk solo on a wooded trail to relax, commune with nature, and find inner peace, others prefer to walk off the trail in a group.

Whether it’s for number safety, responsibility, or spending quality time with friends, there are many reasons why group hikes are popular.

The annual Cumberland County Walking Marathon usually attracts several groups of hikers.

Pam Burris of Kids on the Rise says their group views the marathon as “a good source of physical activity and a chance to see our beautiful county.

Although Kids on the Rise has around 50 mentors and students, there are usually around 10-12 participants on any given ride, enjoying time together outdoors.

Hiking with the support of a group provides individuals with extra motivation and opportunities to create fun and lasting memories.

South Cumberland Primary School has hiked as a group for the past five marathons.

The number of participants has increased from five hikers in the group’s first year to 23 in 2021.

Teachers, staff and their friends and family, aged 3 to 66, were all included in the South Cumberland group.

Due to the challenges of coordinating schedules in such a large group, South Cumberland Hikers have created a list of planned hikes for the week each Sunday.

They tackled the shorter trails after school on weekdays and saved the longer hikes for Saturdays.

Some group members hiked the same trail more than once.

“We didn’t want anyone hiking on their own,” said teacher Vickie Wyatt. “We wanted anyone who wanted to run a trail to have someone to run it with.”

The whole group shares such a strong commitment to ensuring each member is able to complete the full marathon that three years ago a sub-group set out after school to check the last three trails and ended up doing the flashlight meditation trail.

Some hiking groups don’t form out of membership in a common club or workplace, but simply out of love for a shared hobby.

Dirk Davidson coordinates such a group of friends. He says they like to “keep it flowing,” so they don’t walk under the same band name year after year. Instead, they choose a relevant name and design a band shirt each year.

Several guys live out of state, so spreading the rides out over the entire month doesn’t make sense for them.

For the past three years, the friends have chosen a single weekend in September to run the entire marathon.

Although several group members walk alone throughout the year, they collectively enjoy the conversation, camaraderie, and physical responsibility of their group marathon experience.

“Most of us are in good shape, said hiker Frank McClung. “Doing it in a weekend ensures that at least for a few months before the weekend we’ll do the work to actually get in better shape.”

This year, Les Amis des Sentiers hopes to see even more groups participate in the Hiking Marathon.

Churches, schools, businesses, clubs, friends and neighbors are encouraged to promote this event within their organizations or social groups and then come out together to walk the trails.

With a smile, Kids on the Rise’s Burris encourages other groups to participate in the 2022 Walkathon.

“Just try it,” she said. “It’s great fun to walk with a group. You can share joy and sometimes misery.

Anyone not part of an organized group, but wishing to participate in the marathon with other hikers, can join a guided group hike every Tuesday and Friday in September.

The full schedule can be found at walkingmarathon.com/guided-hikes/.

Trails of the 2022 hiking marathon:

In the clearing of Fairfield

-Overlook, 2 miles.

-Library, 1 mile.

-Seven bridges, 2 miles.

– Yellow loop, 2.9 miles.

-Red loop, 3 miles.

In Cumberland County –

-Soldier’s Beach, 1.7 miles.

-Lake Alice, 1.5 miles.

-Habitat, 1.7 miles.

-Meditation, 1 mile.

– Short pioneer loop, 2 miles.

-CT Peavine East to 1st bridge, 4.4 miles.

-Woodlawn Loop, 1.3 miles.

-Maryetta, 1.7 miles.

10K paved trails

-Fairfield Glade, 3 miles.

-Centennial Park, 2 miles.

-Obed River Park, 5 km.

State Park ADA, 1.9 miles.