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Richmond Heights Police Department hosts ‘Chat with a Chaplain’ hiking event – News-Herald

The Richmond Heights Police Department will host its Chat with a Chaplain hiking event, where guests can learn life tips from department chaplains while exploring the trails.

The hike will take place from 7-8 p.m. on July 5 at Greenwood Farm Community Park, 264 Richmond Road.

“We are hosting a unique community policing event that incorporates our police chaplains,” said Chief of Police Thomas Wetzel. “They play a valuable supporting role within our agency and our community.”

Leon Thompson has been a practicing pastor for over 30 years and will be among those leading the community through the hike, with the police department providing s’mores after the hike is over.

“We’re going to roast s’mores afterwards.” It will be a fun community event. There are scenic hiking trails that the group will use. Wetzel said. “The event provides a special opportunity to meet some of our police chaplains and share time and camaraderie with them and other members of the community.”

Wetzel said he believes the event will help bring the community together and build trust between the department and the community.

“Our police chaplains are wonderful people with a servant’s heart who can act as ambassadors for our police service. ” he said. “We encourage people to stop by and enjoy the summer with us.”

The event will be free and open to the public.