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SPONSORED: How to start a hiking and backpacking habit in 2022

In 2021, we in the outdoor industry have seen something truly amazing.

Amid a global pandemic that has halted travel around the world and kept people isolated at home for months at a time, more people than ever before have started going out, hiking, hiking, camping, paddling and enjoying nature like never before.

But if you weren’t part of this movement, don’t feel bad because there’s still time to get outside in 2022, and hiking, backpacking, and camping are a great way to do it.

Are hiking and backpacking right for me?

In short, yes. Hiking and backpacking are great activities for virtually anyone, regardless of age, skill level, or physical condition. Not everyone climbs 12,000 foot mountains on their first outing, but no matter where you live there will almost always be a hike for your skill level.

In addition to its accessibility, hiking is also a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. Hiking is an exercise that combines aerobics, endurance, weight training, and is very good for the lungs and the heart.

How to start hiking and backpacking?

Getting started hiking is simple, find a nature trail near you and start walking. If you are new or not at your best, start with something flat and not too long, walk and enjoy the scenery.

From there, start looking for new short hikes (which we call “day hikes”) in your area and as you get stronger and more accustomed to exercising, make the hikes longer and more intense. Boom, you’re a hiker now.

For hiking things get a bit more complicated because with hiking you need gear, food, maps, permits and a bunch of other things that require a bit more planning. Starting to hike alone is certainly possible, but in most cases it’s easier to start with a friend, family member, or professional guide service who can help you on your way.

World’s Best Adventures’ Backpacking Quick Start Guide

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Why take a trip with World’s Best Adventures?

If you’re interested in the outdoors but don’t have the gear, knowledge, or time to plan a trip on your own, we totally understand. Everyone who loves the outdoors has been there at one time or another.

World’s Best Adventures was founded on the idea that you shouldn’t have to be an expert with tons of time to plan and prepare for a meaningful wilderness adventure.

Our adventures are all-inclusive, giving you a hassle-free adventure that includes all gear, food, planning, and permits, with exceptional service, tons of fun, and outdoor skills education that will take you into future outdoor adventures.

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