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The best place to hike in MA for Labor Day weekend is in the Berkshires

Massachusetts is full of several places to hike. But it’s also good to know that one of them is here in the Berkshires. So technically we have a short hike to get to one of the best hikes in the entire Bay State. Before you type another lame joke like that, let’s find out exactly what hiking location I’m referring to.

In an article published by the publication ‘Patch’, they selected seven of the best hiking spots in Massachusetts that would be great hikes to try for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Their chosen hiking spot isn’t just in the Berkshires, but recently it was chosen as the number one place to visit in Massachusetts this fall! By now you’ve probably guessed what it is, it’s Mount Greylock.

Here’s why ‘Patch’ said Mt. Greylock made its list of ‘7 Hikes in MA for Labor Day Weekend’:

It’s the big one. Greylock is the tallest mountain in Massachusetts, and the spectacular views from the top make it a great choice for ending the summer. Take the Gould trail that hangs off the south end of the mountain, and it’s only about 3 miles to the top. The trail is steep in some places, but less than some routes up to Wachusett.

I mean, they’re definitely not wrong to make hiking a top pick. Honestly, as someone who loves to hike, if I have to choose, I’ll hit the highest point in Massachusetts. So for fun, let’s just put our own ranking on these seven hikes (since they weren’t ranked) and just claim the top spot. I think you would probably agree.

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