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Tips for adjusting to college

(WFSB) – This week, Eyewitness News gets advice on how to help students going to school for the first time or moving from one school to another.

On Tuesday, we focus on the transition of children from elementary school to middle school.

It can be difficult.

It’s not just the next year. It’s a new building, a new time of day, a different routine with more freedom and more responsibility.

It’s the good and the scary mixed together in a wild ride.

“It’s going to be a bit of a rollercoaster. Because there’s so much going on. So if you can bring in a little humor, you’ll be better equipped to handle the things that come your way,” Sandy said. Chafouleas, professor emeritus of education at UConn.

Secondary students are granted more independence, are asked to make more decisions and are given more complex tasks, which brings a sense of maturity but will also face the struggle of a necessary challenge.

“Each child develops at an individual pace, so it is important to help them set up with a structure in advance in order to work on a system of organization and not just the agenda given at school. It’s coming home, Chafouleas said.

The social side is equally vast and important. You need to add a readjustment period from virtual learning that was needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Amiee Terosky USJ Professor of Education)

“You even have to learn to work in groups, walk the halls and regain some of the social loss they have suffered,” said USJ education professor Amiee Terosky.

Parents, keep in mind that you can be there nearby, but not too close, to provide assistance.

“You still have to be there to guide and help set boundaries, but you have to give them more and more choices,” Terosky said.

Advice for students

  1. Organize daily tasks
  2. Get to know your school counselor and support staff
  3. Redefine yourself (work styles, social and fashion styles)

Advice for parents

  1. teaching independence
  2. Set up a calendar check
  3. Encourage expansion and inclusion

Kids, get together and get organized.

Meet the adults in the school who are there to help you and expand your social circles.

For parents, allow your children to make more decisions, but check their structure and let go of the reins a bit as they get older and want freedoms.