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Travelers will soon be able to do expedition dives on the Titanic

For travelers looking for a bit of adventure, a company has announced that it will start offering scuba diving expeditions to the wreck of the Titanicfrom May 2021.

According to Bloomberg.comOceanGate Expeditions president Stockton Rush has announced that the company will begin offering diving expeditions from May to July on its five-person private submarine, nicknamed The Titan.


Travelers will pay $125,000 for an eight-day trip from St. John’s, Newfoundland that includes a six- to eight-hour dive to the historic wreck site. As ‘citizen scientists’, passengers will participate in a technical survey of the wreckage and surrounding debris field.

The six expeditions currently planned towards probably the most famous shipwreck site worldwide have already received more than 35 reservations, but additional places are still available.

“There are better wrecks, Rush told Bloomberg. “Maybe even bigger wrecks, but people don’t know what they are, and it’s hard to sell something when someone doesn’t.”

As for the Titan, the carbon fiber submarine was designed with help from Boeing and NASA and can reach depths of 2.5 miles. The vessel has a 21-inch porthole, external lights, HD and 4K cameras and a laser scanner, while reaching a speed of three knots.

Passengers will be accompanied by a scientist-researcher and a pilot, with Rush himself commanding the ship on all three voyages. The team plans to use onboard technology to create a 3D model of the sinking and debris field.

Guests approved for 2021 voyages would become the first to visit the wreck in 15 years.