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Wear your blazer casually with jeans or a dress with these tips

Can’t decide how to casually pair a blazer? Wearing a blazer is often associated with a formal event, whether it’s for your office meetings or walking the red carpet at an award show. The blazer became a symbol in the 1980s after male rock artists and pop stars began styling Giorgio Armani’s version of the blazer, which was an unconstructed, ill-fitting jacket with no lining or padding.

The look of the blazer underwent a change when female models and movie stars started wearing it. The blazer was structured and formal, had large shoulder pads and an exaggerated silhouette.

Currently, blazers have many variations like cropped, belted, waisted blazers, blazer dresses, etc. Here is a style guide to help you pull off a casual look –

Oversized blazer
Opt for boyfriend jeans or baggy jeans, a V-neck t-shirt, and pair it with an oversized white blazer with black stripes. Add nude colored sneakers or stilettos and wear bright red lipstick. This look is a perfect casual outing with your girl gang or coffee shop.

Monochromatic blazer dress
A black blazer dress can be a perfect idea for a dinner party. If paired correctly, it can totally up your fashion game. Opt for a cropped draped black blazer and accessorize it with a layered neckline and strappy black heels. Depending on your taste, opt for a nude or dark brown lipstick to go with your look.

Blazer with Skinny Jeans
You can wear it casually or at your office if it allows for casual office attire. Flaunt your legs in skinny jeans or jeggings and pair it with a solid casual shirt and a plaid blazer. Sneakers or pumps can be your choice depending on your choice and comfort level.

Blue blazer with matching set
If you’re attending a cocktail party, awards show, or reception, throw out your one-pieces and lehengas and opt for a suit set to match. Choose a deep blue draped blazer and tie it up and pair it with a pair of well-tailored ankle-length pants. Pair it with nude pumps and keep the accessories to a minimum. Add a pop of red to add a punch factor to the outfit.

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