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10 tips for staying comfortable outdoors in the summer

With summer already here, the whole world is already traveling or getting ready to travel. One thing to note about summer is that while the atmosphere can be bright and exciting, the temperature can be hot and uncomfortable, especially when exposed to the rays for a long time. Of course, one cannot avoid going outdoors in the summer because of the heat, but while engaging in exciting activities, here are some tips to stay comfortable and have a wonderful time outdoors. outside.

ten Bring plenty of water and drink plenty of it

Perhaps the most important tip for staying safe and comfortable outdoors during the summer is to always pack plenty of water and drink plenty of that water. Apparently, the summer sun is there to dry up all available water in the body, hence the need to never run out of water during outdoor activities. Most places in the world provide clean tap water to tourists and water canisters are essential for collecting water and saving it for later. When heading into the woods, be sure to pack enough water for the return trip.


9 Light clothing and hats are important

During the summer it is important to be as comfortable as possible, so light clothing should be worn at all times to achieve this. You can also bring extra clothes in case you need a change. The importance of hats also cannot be underestimated when it comes to summer. They help protect some of the most important parts of the body from the unforgiving rays of the sun.

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8 Don’t forget to pack good sunscreen

There is a time for everything in travel. A time to wear clothes and a time to take them off. But when it’s time to undress, it’s also time to put on the sunscreen. These protective substances are extremely vital in preventing the skin from getting sunburned while enjoying some relaxing time on the beach or participating in other activities that involve stripping.

seven Do outdoor activities before or after the hottest part of the day

Outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering and biking should be done early or late in the day, as the increased temperature can not only harm the body, but also make adventure less enjoyable. When it comes to energy-intensive activities like hiking, high temperature can drain a person’s energy and end the adventure prematurely. Generally, it’s best to stay out of the sun between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., when the sun is at its zenith.

6 Bring Ice

Carrying a lot of water is one thing, but drinking hot water in the heat of summer is not so appealing. This makes ice an important thing to carry as it ensures that one has cold water to cool the body in the sun. Even if the ice melts, you are always guaranteed to have cold water to drink.

5 Take showers regularly

While drinking water to prevent dehydration, it is also important to take showers often to keep the skin fresh. In the summer, there’s nothing like taking too many showers. As long as water is available, feel free to get your skin wet as the sun will not hesitate to dry out any exposed skin.

4 Avoid taking foods that increase dehydration

Certain foods that increase dehydration should not be absorbed by the body when there is an intention to indulge in certain outdoor activities. Some popular ones include – alcohol and coffee. If these foods cannot be avoided, be prepared to carry plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated.

3 Wear the right shoes

Comfortable shoes are essential for having a good time outdoors, but care should be taken when choosing comfortable shoes during the summer. Shoes with light soles may not be able to protect the feet from the scorching heat of the ground in many places. To avoid such an uncomfortable situation, one must make sure to choose comfortable shoes that will also do a good job of protecting his feet from burns.

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2 wear sunglasses

All parts of the body should be protected from the summer sun, especially the eyes, as direct exposure can block vision and also negatively affect the eyes. With sunglasses, one can comfortably stay outside without being affected by the sun’s rays. Although it is not necessary to wear it at all times, it is important to have it in your possession in case the situation requires it.

1 Engage in activities that do not expose anyone to sunlight

Sometimes it’s just wise to avoid the summer sun altogether, especially in a place where the heat is unbearable. There is a lot of aSummer activities are for those who don’t like the summer heat and they are just as exciting as those that involve exposure to the sun. Exploring caves, visiting a museum and relaxing on a beach are some of them and there are many more to choose from.