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10 tips for visiting Puerto Rico (for the first time)

With a blend of American and Spanish Caribbean culture, this slice of paradise captivates vacationers from around the world. Its magnificent climate, exceptional cultures, historical sites and fantastic restaurants are worth visiting. Besides the coasts and the big hotels, Puerto Rico has many remote towns just waiting to be explored.

Since planning a trip can be difficult, especially for first-timers, here are the things to consider before heading to Puerto Rico.

ten Have valid travel documents

Knowing the necessary documents before embarking on a trip to any country is essential, and Puerto Rico is no different. The good news is that US passport holders and permanent residents do not need a passport to access this location. A driver’s license or ID is sufficient to gain access. However, citizens of other countries should inquire about the required documents with their respective consulates before travelling.

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For young students or families traveling with teenagers, the legal age to purchase and drink alcohol is 18. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs require age verification before access or purchase is permitted. Young visitors must carry their ID card at all times. Additionally, Puerto Rico has rigid drink-driving rules. Visitors to this majestic place are invited to stay there. In addition, carrying open cans of alcohol in public is punishable by law.

8 Means of transport

Renting a car or using a taxi is crucial here. Although public transport is available, it can be difficult for tourists looking to get around a lot. Also, using public means to get out of town to distant places is inconvenient. A taxi, on the other hand, is more convenient for short-term customers. For those who can’t wait to get out of town and visit different parts of the island, renting a car is the best option. Most rental companies make it easy for customers to drop off the car and pick it up at the agreed time.

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seven Don’t wander at night

How safe is Puerto Rico? A question most tourists ask themselves when planning a gateway to this destination. Luckily, this slice of heaven is generally safe to visit, whether alone or with a group of friends. In addition, the police are present in most areas of the island to guarantee security. Like any other city or country, it also has its safe and sketchy parts. Tourists are advised not to walk alone at night.

6 Dress respectfully

Whereas in this exquisite utopia, beachwear and flip flops are strictly for the beach. While many tourists assume they can wear their swimsuits everywhere, Puerto Rico is a different story. Residents here get dressed before leaving the beach. Since tuxedos and robes are not required, visitors should dress respectfully in places like restaurants, hospitals, stores, and on the streets.

5 Try local foods

A vacation in Puerto Rico is incomplete without sampling their local cuisine. Although this majestic place is home to international restaurant chains, it is ideal for enjoying delicious local dishes. The most popular dish for foodies to try is mofongo. This is a delicious dish of mashed garlic plantains and pigeon peas topped with a choice of meat. Other popular dishes are Pernil (roasted pork) and Bacalaotos (salted cod fritter). Travelers must also try the delicious local dessert, Tres Leches Cake.

4 Plan things to do

Contrary to what most believe, Puerto Rico has plenty to see and do besides beautiful coastlines. From exploring the wondrous and colorful streets of San Juan to hiking in the exceptional El Yunque National Forests, guests have more than enough to occupy themselves and have a good time. In addition, vacationers can mingle with locals to learn to dance salsa and speak a few words of Spanish. Alternatively, snorkeling and scuba diving are other activities to enjoy.

3 Exchange currency in advance

As part of the United States, Puerto Rico uses the US dollar as its official currency. Having money in this currency will allow travelers to travel more easily and quickly. Although most places accept cards, some still appreciate cash payments. However, in remote areas, some shops and restaurants do not use card systems, so it is advisable to carry cash at all times. In addition to paying, travelers will need to have cash for tips.

2 Find a translator

Puerto Rico uses two official languages, English and Spanish. Although speaking Spanish is not a necessity, it can be useful. With Spanish being the dominant language, travelers may have communication difficulties in some parts of this incredible wonderland. Even though tourists may encounter several English-speaking locals in tourist towns, offbeat areas only use Spanish. Having a translator will help eliminate the language barrier.

1 Know the season in advance

Generally, the weather in this Eden is ideal for a holiday. But with its tropical climate, this enchanting place constantly alternates between humidity and heat. It is common to encounter rain throughout the year during the rainy season between April and November. Visitors visiting this place during this time should carry an umbrella and a jacket. On the other hand, tourists can cool off from the beach or swimming pool when it gets too hot.