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Tips for a safe and stress-free summer for your pet

With hot weather, lots of sunshine, fireworks, summer and the 4th of July can be great fun for people, but it’s not all great for pets. Loud noises and heat can be stressful or even downright dangerous.

There are steps you can take to make this summer safe, calm, and fun for your pet.

“Some pets are very sensitive to fireworks and loud noises, said Apex Animal Hospital associate veterinarian Dr. Autumn Harris. “Keep them in a safe and secure place whenever fireworks are going to explode.”

As well as keeping the environment safe and quiet, you can also buy a thunder vest — it’s something that wraps around your dog, and Harris said it can help make him feel safe. during loud events such as summer thunderstorms or fireworks.

Medicines can also help.

“Trazodone is a great drug,” Harris said. “It’s very safe and you can use it when needed.”

But fireworks are just one thing you and your pet might face this summer. Heat can also cause problems.

If your dog likes to spend more time outdoors this summer, or if you’re taking your dog hiking, watch out for overheating. If left untreated, Harris said overheating can be fatal.

Some signs to look out for are excessive panting, gums and tongue turning pale or blue in color, or if your pet is collapsing.

“If you’ve gotten to the point where they’re falling apart, you’d want to try and get them to the vet,” Harris said.

A few ways to avoid this: make sure there’s shade where your dog can cool off if he’s outside, take breaks while hiking, and have plenty of water available. These are just a few tips to keep in mind to help your pet have a healthy, stress-free, and safe summer.