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5 tips to protect your data in a coworking space

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Since the pandemic, coworking spaces have become increasingly popular for both businesses and freelancers. These workplace layouts can help reduce costs for a business or individual while providing a type of collaborative environment.

Although the hype surrounding coworking spaces is expected to continue to rise over the years, one of the issues with these workplaces is internet and data security. Although this tends to be a problem for those who work in such spaces, there are ways to increase data security, such as the following.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Strong Passwords

Creating strong passwords (and changing them regularly) is one way to protect data. Whenever possible, always enable two-factor authentication. Also, ignore emails that ask you to click a link to change your password. (It could be a hacker trying to access one of your accounts.)

Make sure you have antivirus software

Did you know that viruses can not only slow down or crash your technological device, but also destroy data or allow crooks to access your device? It’s true. This is why it is so imperative that everyone has quality antivirus software installed on their devices.

Do not enable automatic connections to available Wi-Fi networks

As much as it is practical, automatic connections to available Wi-Fi networks should be disabled. It is recommended to use the public network configuration when connecting to your coworking space network as file and folder sharing will be disabled, which is what you want.

Always lock your screen

Turning around, looking down, or walking away can create the perfect opportunity for someone else in your coworking space to peek into your screen and steal important data. It only takes a few seconds to a few minutes for the data to be lost in this way.

When you are not actively using your device, it is essential to lock your screen with a strong password to prevent curious eyes from looking at your screen or using your device. Even if you trust those in your coworking space, new members can appear at any time and may not be as trustworthy.

Never leave your device unattended

Anything can happen when you turn your back. Another member of your coworking space may grab your device or look to see confidential data on your device that could put your business at risk if leaked. That said, never walk away, even if your device is password protected.

Are you concerned about the security of your company’s devices? Contact a IT support company in Adelaide to see how they could help you. Safety should always be of the utmost importance, no matter what size company you work for.


Many would agree that coworking spaces provide an affordable and convenient arrangement for workers from various businesses. However, data security is an issue that coworking spaces tend to present. Fortunately, there are ways to better ensure the security of your data when working in one of these environments.