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Emotional Charlene Gonzalez sends her son Andres to college abroad

MANILA – Charlene Gonzalez has flooded her Instagram feed with photos of her son Andres as she expresses how much she will miss him when he leaves for college in Spain.

According to Gonzalez, all of the photos she posted are stolen photos from their last family beach trip.

In the caption, Gonzalez admitted that as a mom, she knew this day would come “but you still think it’s too far away for it to be a reality.”

“As you leave today for university in Spain, please know that we love you very much and are very proud of you Andres, she said.

“It was a very difficult decision to make (especially during this global pandemic for you to be on campus) but you really wanted to continue your education on campus and as parents we will be here to support and guide you through every step of the way,” she added.

Gonzalez then declared her love for her son before thanking Andres for being kind and continually making her proud of her and her father Aga Muhlach.

“Your dad, mum and sister love you so much. Have the best time of your life in Spain and continue to create lasting memories, which you will cherish forever,” she said.

Although she’s sad to have fired Andres, Gonzalez said she can’t wait for them to be reunited as a family again.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez shared that Andres’ twin sister Atasha will also be studying on campus the following school year in the UK. For now, she is doing her classes online due to the current lockdown in the UK.

“Ang hirap mag-let go for any mom, but going to college will be a wonderful experience for all children. As parents, we gave them wings, but now it’s their turn to fly,” she said.

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