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Meet the Houston Women’s Hiking Group

HOUSTON (KIAH) — Meet the Houston Women’s Hiking Group, a group of strong, independent, adventure-seeking women from across southeast Texas. This group recently grew to over 8,000 women in the greater Houston area. Bridgette Mongeon started the group after wanting to be able to walk with other women in a safe environment. Whether you’re a lifelong Houstonian or a Texas newbie, this group can help you cultivate strong friendships while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

“People who recover from injuries heal because they go out and find someone they can exercise with, Mongeon adds.

About 150 women packed their bags and hit the trails in Huntsville this weekend to celebrate the start of National Take a Hike Day.

I asked Bridgette, “How does it feel to be around other strong women, who aren’t afraid to go out in the woods and get a little dirty?” How important is it not only to have the confidence to take on the wilderness yourself, but to have other women to support you? »

Bridgette says, “I’ve heard over and over again… This group has helped women, not just those who need to overcome physical illness but who have lost a part of themselves. I don’t know how it happens. We become mothers and wives, and we take care of everything else, we don’t feed what is inside of us. When you find this group, you have found the authorization. You found your friends to play with in the woods.”

Thinking back, Bridgette remembers a particular time when her survival skills came in handy…the February winter storm!

Members of the group watched their neighbors as well as other members. They used their camping skills to build their own fire in their homes. Not lacking in equipment, they were pretty well off!

On this National Hiking Day, go for a walk. Enjoy the outdoors and dare to do something you may have never done before! Afraid to go alone? The Houston Women’s Hiking Group is here to help!